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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bok Choy Noodles

These past couple of days, I've been working on a movie set as some of you may know from my tweets on twitter. So I've been dealing with waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning and having 5:30am call times, which means the time in which I have to show up at the studio. Long days and seemingly long hours meant that I wouldn't get home until around 8 or 9 at night, only to have to wake up in a few short hours. That left me with no time to cook up an meal of any kind. (*insert teardrop and puppy dog face*) The food on set wasn't really blogworthy as it wasn't all that great. I think I've mentioned before that catered food on productions are always a hit or miss. Sadly, this was a miss. But I did enjoy my time on the set. Makes me love what I do for a living even more.

I realized that I hadn't written up a post for today. I'd feel weird, if I didn't post anything. I could have done my usual food facts, but I'm saving those for the next few weeks. So, in came my lovely mom to the rescue. I had mentioned to her that there was some bok choy in the veggie compartment and she offered to cook something up. Have I mentioned how much I love my mom? I get my love for cooking from her.

She used a pack of ramen noodles, we had lying around. Not using the seasoning packet. As for the other ingredients: Chicken breast, garlic, onion and some soy sauce. The end result is this lovely and simple dish. Can you see a slight resemblance in cooking styles here?

Thanks, mom!!

Bok Choy Noodles
1 pack ramen noodles (minus flavoring packet)
2 bok choy
1 chicken breast
1 garlic clove (minced)
1/2 sweet onion (diced)
ground pepper
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce

Cut the chicken breast into chunks. Size is to your choosing. Also, cut the bok choy into slices.

In pan on medium heat, saute the garlic and onions. Season with a dash of ground pepper.

Add in the chicken and cook until no pink is left. Then add in the soy sauce. Saute after for another couple of minutes. Then add in the bok choy slices and saute until the leaves a shrunk in size.

Bring to a boil some water in a sizable pot. When boiling, add the ramen and cook until noodles a tender. Drain the water and place the noodles on a plate.

Scoop bok choy mix over and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Moms r the best :), this is a great, healthy, and simple recipe.
P.s. Your job sounds really cool- except for the hours u do.

Miranda said...

I agree with HH. Your job sounds really cool. Atleast you have time to make amazing food.
This looks really really good. I love stir fries and asian cuisine.

Donna-FFW said...

Aww, mom to the rescue, I love it. Moms rock. Make sure and get some rest, how do you do it all!

Anonymous said...

Looks simple and delicious! Also, am jealous of your job!

Parita said...

Arent moms the best! always fly to the rescue! the dish looks amazing!

Mary Bergfeld said...

What a delicious quick meal. Those are tough hours so it's nice you have willing, helping hands to help feed you now and then.

pigpigscorner said...

Mum's the best! Such a simple yet delicious meal! Love the tecture of ramen noodles.

Dewi said...

Love Bok Choy, we can lots lots of this green vegetables!

nora@ffr said...

vat a great recipe.. soo simple and healthy :) a must try

Reeni said...

This looks great - a good use for those ramen noodles - and so much better than using the seasoning packet. You work sounds fun, despite the long hours!

Sippity Sup said...

Why do I torture myself? I should step away from the food blogs. GREG

Jenn said...

Heavenly: Mom definitely are the best!!

Miranda: Same here.

Donna, hummingbird: Thanks.

Parita: Thanks.

Mary: Yeah.

pigpigscorner: I love ramen noodles, too.

Elra: bok choy is a wonderful veggie to have.

Nora: You should!

Reeni: Thanks. The hours aren't alway that long. Depending on the production.

Greg: LOL. It's not torture. Let's just call it a past-time.

teresa said...

I have a similar relationship with my mom and I love it too! This looks so good! Good luck with the tough hours, but it sounds like a cool job!

KennyT said...

Your job sounds busy but really cool. I hope you will have more time to rest.

I miss mom's cooking^^, lucky you.

Pooja said...

Aww mom's dishes are always precious! So is this one! Simple and tasty! And your job sounds fun except for the long hours!

The Duo Dishes said...

Bok choy is one of the many veggies we haven't cooked before, though it's so good when we have it in other dishes. Save.

Diana said...

Food tastes so much better when mom makes it. I love when my mom cooks for me and I get to just sit back and relax for a change! (Though half the time I end up out in the kitchen as her "sous")

theUngourmet said...

Love Bok Choy! Hope things are going well. I'll have to follow you on Twitter to keep up.

Anonymous said...

that's so weird, that both of us posted a post on mom-appreciation on the same day! And these noodles look great and comforting! Bok choy is one of my fav, I'm munching on them RIGHT this instant while I'm typing...spooooky!

Jenn said...

Teresa: Thanks. I don't mind the long hours as long as it done with something I enjoy.

Kenny: Oh yeah...I'm resting.

Chrystal: I love bok choy. It's definitely something I can't live without.

Diana: My mom's cooking trumps mine any days. I love it!

ungourmet: You should and I'll follow.

burpandslurp: what were the odds of that happening. Two coincidences in one!!! ;-)

chow and chatter said...

great recipe, love bok choy enjoy your work lovie you deserve it

Jenn said...

chow and chatter: Thanks ;-)

Phyllis said...

Ramen noodles are awesome for food emergencies. And so are moms :)

Heather S-G said...

Definitely...must run in the family ;) Looks simple and delicious!

lisaiscooking said...

Your Mom did great! This looks healthy and delicious.

Jenn said...

Phyllis: They certainly are. Great substitute for pasta.

girlichef, Lisa: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This looks so simple and delicious!

Jenn said...

nutmeg: Thanks.

muebles oferta said...

Little doubt, the dude is completely just.

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