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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Production Eats - No. 12

Alrighty...three shows this week for production eats. Actually the first one was a movie that will be released sometime next year. Can't really say much about it. They had me sign one of those confidentiality forms. But the food was really good though. This was for a major studio film, too, so that was a bit exciting. Here's some of the foods that was served.

Top left clockwise: Salad with balsamic vinaigrette topped with fresh mushroom slices and corn, fresh baked slice of baguette with butter, hand carved tri-tip with au jus sauce, roasted herb potatoes with steamed green beans, grilled salmon, pasta with cream sauce and pasta salad.

I loved the tri-tip and salmon.  The pieces I got were nice and tender. There was also grilled chicken, but the salmon and tritip won out. It was really nice to have some fresh warm baguette slices there. Most of the time, I've had premade rolls, so this was a nice change.

For dessert. chocolate cake and a cookie that I saved for the next day. I didn't mind eat all that because I was pretty active the whole shoot, so I worked it off. hehehe...

Next was the sitcom Gary Unmarried. This show stars Jay Mohr and is a show on CBS. Sitcoms are a bit different from other shows as they are sometimes filmed in front of a live audience, so there quite a bit of waiting on this day. First off was a simple snack meal.

Clockwise: some finger sandwiches of ham and cheese and turkey, some jicima sticks, mushrooms and cucumber and fresh made potato chips with onion dip.

A little something to hold us down until lunch. I was surprised how good the catering was. Maybe it was because it was the holidays, but either way it was really good. There was also some chicken noodle soup, but I was content with the finger sandwiches. The chips were a tiny soggy, but still crisp enough to take the onion dip.

This was a slightly Mediterranean mix. Top clockwise: Pita bread, caesar salad, a couple pieces of dolma, baba ganoush, grilled salmon, Israeli veggie cous cous and baked chicken with sauteed onions.

There was also pita chips and hummas as well as beef strips. I loved the baba ganough. Of course, if you're a frequent reader on this blog, I do love eggplants a lot. One of the neat things at the end of the night as we prepared to leave, the catering people offered us to take home any leftover food they have from the main craft service table on the set. So I ended up taking home a few macarons, several cookies, spanakopitas and fried breaded eggplant. There was even shrimp eggrolls and other items. A whole buffet, but I could only fit so much in my to-go box. I forgot to take a pic of that.

Finally, CSI: Vegas. One of my fav shows. On this night, George Eads (Nick Stokes) and Jorja Fox (Sarah Sidle) were there. Got to chat with them a tiny bit in between shots, which was really cool. That made my night. I didn't care that I was freezing and couldn't feel my fingers and toes. I got to chat with them even for a tiny bit, I was happy.

Some caesar salad mixed with a little Asian chicken salad.

Top clockwise: Grilled breaded fish, wild rice, scalloped potatoes, and steamed veggies.

There was also some grill chicken and grilled beef but those were mostly gone, by the time I reach the food. The down side of being near the back of the line. Grrr... But I still enjoyed it. The fish was flaky and tender with no fishy taste.

For dessert, some apple pie and slices of honeydew. A good way to end a meal. Later during the shoot I had a hotdog. It was supposed to be an outdoor type event. A guy was there grilling up some hotdogs so I took one and topped it with some mayo, yellow mustard and relish.  I think everyone ended up taking a hotdog or two during the shoot. Cast and crew alike. It was funny because everywhere I turned on the set someone was walking around eating a hotdog.

On to the next!!


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I love your production eats posts! :)

Everything looks & sounds great, but I think the Mediterranean plate is my favorite... :)

chow and chatter said...

the choc looks like mine he he

vanillasugarblog said...

girl how do you stay so skinny? I mean those foods that you consume. I would be so fat.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks yummy!

figtree said...

This is so interesting and fun to read. I get lots of great ideas just looking at those yummy plates!

tavolini said...

How cool!! I love the food and your job sounds glamorous. Is it chilly in LA?

Phyllis said...

I'm eyeing those freshly made potato chips! And now you've got me so curious about what movie you were working on! Happy Holidays :)

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