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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

101 Coffee Shop

Don't  you just love brunches? I do. The 101 Coffee Shop. Conveniently named as it is right by the 101 freeway in Hollywood. It's situated next to  Best Western Hotel. Or should I say...they're basically in the same building.

The place has a nice down home feel to it. Kind of like those old fashioned diners. Some of the walls are decorated with old photos.

Of course to start off I have myself a cup of coffee.

I order an omelette. Inside s mushroom, cheese, spinach and bacon. Served with a side of hash browns and some wheat toast.

A couple days later, I was working in the area and well. My friend and I were pretty much starving.

Portobella Mushroom Sandwich

Two large grilled portobello mushroom caps, fresh mozzarella, arugula, roasted tomato and basil mayo on a baguette. Served with some potato and sweet potato fries with some basil dressing dip.

It looks pretty large, but was really good. Aside from the fact that we were hungry. Sitting in an audition room for several hours really does take a lot of energy. I love the gooey mozzarella on top. The fries were nice and crisp. Dip them in the basil dip...really good. I want to try making myself some basil dip.

If you're around the Hollywood area and need a place to eat near the 101 freeway. Definitely check this place out. I think they have wi-fi, too. I did see a few people with their computers there.

The 101 Coffee Shop
6145 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028-5220
(323) 467-1175


Adventures in Domestic Cooking said...

This coffee shop looks wonderful!
The food looks fabulous!

Pam said...

I love finding little gems like this coffee shop. Both meals look tasty!

vanillasugarblog said...

oh yeah and i love the old style ambiance & funiture--too cool!

Sippity Sup said...

Hey you were in my hood! GREG

Unknown said...

Looks like a cool old diner. And that omelet looks awesome!

Reeni said...

I love old school coffee shops! Did you say Basil dip? That sounds delicious! Must re-create...

chow and chatter said...

you have so many cool lil places to eat in

Anonymous said...

Yes, I adore brunch... and breakfast, and lunch, and dinner... and snacks LOL. What a fun place that looks like.

tavolini said...

Well, by looking at this "diner food" I have to say is that some fairly awesome cooks are also trying to get big in LA. What excellent dishes :)

We adore brunch! (mostly for the eggs)

OysterCulture said...

Looks just yummy

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