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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Production Eats No. 32

Tuesday...I worked on the show Bones again. This time it was a 4:30am call time. Yes, you read that right. It was that early. I think it's the earliest I've ever had to get to set. So imagine...I had just gotten home around 8pm the day before from working The Cape to find out that I only had a few hours to do whatever I need to get done and get some rest. Get up by 2:45am, get ready and try to get to set by 4-4:15am. I like to arrive at least 15-30 minutes for those "just in case of emergency" moments. I'm not usually someone who likes to sleep early too, so trying to get a few "zzz" didn't work out to my advantage. It would be a long day as well. Shooting outside. There was a lot of us working that day. And luckily, my close friend was working that day too and I met some really cool people, so it wasn't too bad.

Top clockwise: Crusted Tilapia with capers, Rye bread, rice, some veggies, and 
penne pasta with tomato sauce.

I'm thinking I need to cook with capers a bit more. I used to not like them as much, but I guess if used right they can taste pretty good. I do have a small jar of them in my pantry. 

The traditional salad witha piece of cantalope and some raspberry tarts dessert.

I'm a fan of fruity tart stuff. I managed to get one of the last pieces on the serving dish. I was clse to fighting off another person to get it. Ok, not really, but I wouldn't necessarily result to violence to get a good treat. (Or would I?)

Wednesday...I worked on the show United States of Tara on the Paramount lot. Good thing about this is that I didn't have to show up before the crack of dawn! It was an afternoon and night shoot. Which meant having to be outside again. This time more in the cold weather. I worked a couple scenes in where I was a young, hip New Yorker.

Brown rice, halibut, dinner roll, Some penne pasta, a little bit of veggies and a potato.

I didn't really top my plate with a lot as I had a nice snack during the afternoon. Good thing too because the fish tasted a little under-seasoned (?). Not sure if it was just my piece, but it was a bit on the bland side. Almost like someone in the catering department was in the hurry to get it off into a pan. Oh well... I'd have to give props to the craft service guy though who put out some snacks of ding dongs, twinkies, fruit and cup of noodles and an assortment of chips. That made up for the lackluster fish. 


chow and chatter said...

wow your a busy lady hope you catch up on some sleep :_)

Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves said...

Didn't know production eats got so fancy! When I worked a shoot it was just pizza!

teresa said...

fun! i love hearing about your shoots!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

You are always so busy...good thing they feed you well :)

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