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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Birthday Dinner

Yesterday, I turned another year older. As they say age is just a number that keeps ticking up (or down..depending which way you look at it.) The day was relative a low-key one. Did some errand and got myself a little giant birthday cupcake.

My mom took out to dinner at Taylor's Steak House in La Canada, CA (north of LA in the hills. No not those hills.) The place is situated on Foothill Blvd of this seeming quiet city. It may not seem like it from outside, but the place had a decent sided dinner crowd for a Tuesday night. They've been about since 1953 and by my book if you've been around for longer than 50 years, you must be doing something right in the restaurant business.

Fresh steaming bread to start off the meal with some butter.

The simple decor of the place is a reminder of the time that once was. I do like the photos by each booth how the landscape was before modernization came.

The appetizer. 

We order up some large bacon wrapped scallops. served with some lemon and clarified butted. The next photo shows just how large these things were.

The scallops were cooked just right. No too chewy or undercooked. Seared just enough for the knife to cut right through. Is it just me or is there something about bacon and butter that I just can't live without? 

My mom orders one of the specials of the night. Salmon with some white since sauce served in a gravy boat dish and a side of creamed spinach. I had a piece small taste of the salmon and it was nice and flaky. It was a pretty large piece.

I decided to go all out and went for the prime rib dinner. This is the original cut. It's around an inch thick. The meat nice and pink in the center. Really tasty. I chose a baked potato for my side as it also came with some creamed spinach. Also a side of horseradish sauce. That thing was HUGE!!! Unless you're hungry, I suggest going on a really empty stomach. I think they had a choice of a smaller cut, but what do I know. :) Besides it was after all my birthday. I can order what I want, right? 

You can't have a birthday without cake. Special thanks to my mom for getting me this one. And you can't have a cake without the number candles. Yes...that is my age.

Chocolate and vanilla with a chocolate cream filling from Cakery Bakery in La Canada.

So now with a full stomach and smile on my face, I wait another year before I get to do it all over again.
I've never been much for big celebrations, I've always liked the quiet, sometimes spontaneous moments.

901 Foothill Blvd.,
La Canada, CA 91011
(818) 790-7668


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Dinner sounds and looks wonderful. I would love to have some scallops and a piece of cake... :)

Unknown said...

Ah - you're still a young spring chicken - no numbers to worrying about ticking away yet!

Looks like you had a delicious birthday dinner - hope the rest of your day was just as wonderful!

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday daaaaahling! May all your wishes come true!
*birthday kisses* HH

Tangled Noodle said...

Happy Birthday, Jenn! Absolutely, you can have whatever you want on your day - it all looks so good. Wishing you much joy and success!

peachkins said...

Happy Birthday jenn!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

teresa said...

so fun! happy birthday!

OysterCulture said...

Belated Happy Birthday. What an amazing meal to share with your Mom. Looks like you have a lot going on in your life and so important that you can celebrate and enjoy these special occasions.

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Elenora said...

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