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Friday, March 25, 2011

Production Eats No. 42

Issue Number 42.  Worked 2 days on the show The Event. I haven't really seen the show, so I can't really tell you much of what it's about.

Day 1

Top left clockwise: Baked potato, white fish with red onion feta salsa, stuffed pasta, slice of french bread, rice with mushrooms, veggies.

I like the salsa for the fish. Red onion and feta was a good mix. I wish there was sour cream for the baked potato. That's usually the only way I can eat it, but ti was still good with a nice pat of butter. 

Salad with honey mustard dressing and a nice chunk of fresh baked chocolate cake.

Moist delicious chocolaty cake. What's not to love about that? I devoured all the other stuff on my plate so that I can get to dessert. Yes, I was that eager for the cake. 

Day 2

Top left closkcwise: Thick slice of caramelized sweet potato. Battered fish with tartar sauce, salad with some mushroom cripy noodles with honey mustard dressing, corn, a little rice, cous cous (center)

I was overly excited to see the sweet potato. Not too often I've seen caramelized versions of it on set. i should have gotten two. The fish was pretty good, too. It did make me think of fish and chips all of the sudden. The only thing missing was the malt vinegar and the chips. Hehe...

On the dessert bowl for this day were some pineapple chunks and a nice slice of crumb cake. 

The cake part almost had a consistency of pound cake. Ooo...that's one thing I have to make. 


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