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Monday, May 9, 2011

Double Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Well, I not sure about you, but I know I do. I still wish I had my own ice cream maker. But store bought would do just fine.  Luckily, a couple weeks ago I received a coupon to try some new ice cream bars courtesy of Foodbuzz's Tastemakers Program. Magnum Ice Cream. I do remember seeing a commercial for these on the television once or twice. At first glance you think, what so special about these. Well for one...they're made with Belgian Chocolate. So given the price at the markets, I think its fair.

Found in the ice cream section of your local grocery store. There are three other flavors as well. Double Caramel, Almond and Classic. I choose their Double Chocolate. The more chocolate the merrier, right? Aside from the fact that I'm an admitted chocoholic. :)

It looks like one of those Haagen-Daaz Ice cream bars, but this one is made with Belgian Chocolate, so it's a bit more on quality. Three come in one box. Had these for an afternoon Mother's Day snack with my dear mom.

Now let me take you through the layers of chocoliciousness:

Top layer is thick chocolate coating holding all the goodness inside. Take that first bite and you see the other layers. You have the chocolate syrup-y section, which is still nice and gooey. Not frozen solid, which is really cool. Followed by a thin-coat choco layer that separates the syrup section from the chocolate ice cream. Mmmm...

I definitely want to try the other flavors. The Double Caramel looks devilishly tempting.


Unknown said...

I tried these, too, but I went with the Dark Chocolate flavor. It was only chocolate & ice cream - no gooey layer. I wasn't that impressed... but that gooey layer looks like it would've made a big difference!!

(OK - one other thing - what do you think of the name & packaging? For some reason it reminds me of male contraception... terrible, I know!)

Jenn said...

ValleyWriter: thought the packaging was alright. I had the same thought the first time I saw the name, too. They probably could have gone with something better. Maybe like chocolate deeee-light or something. I would have cracked so many jokes on the post about it, but I refrained from that. lol

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