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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chocolate Brownies!!

Chocolate overload, originally uploaded by dickiesandchucks.

Yes, Chocolate overload indeed! A good friend of mine loves to take food photography, so when I saw this photo among his collection, my heart lept with joy. I had given up chocolate for lent and, of course, temptation ensued. I have until Easter. It seems like a long ways to go. It's hard enough as it is especially when I've got a box of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies staring me in the face whenever i get near the kitchen. Those coconut and chocolate ring cookies. (Must resist!!) But upon seeing this, I was in the "must eat" mode.

I need to get the recipe from him. I believe there are bits of melted milk chocolate in those scrumptious brownies bites. There's just something about brownies that makes you go: Yippy!

1 comment:

Cuisine Paradise said...

wow...this sure look delicious!!!! :)

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