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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mac & Cheese

Delish, originally uploaded by dickiesandchucks.

Here's another fabulous photo my friend took recently. He had made two kinds of mac and cheese. Chorizo and Manchego & Roasted Garlic and White Cheddar mac and cheese.

I think it is probably one of the ultimate comfort foods anyone can think of. Am I right? Plus, there's a sense of nostalgia that comes with it, I think. I prefer mine a bit creamy with extra cheese on top making a nice blanket of the goodies underneath. I love it when you pick up a bite and there's that little string being pulled as you insert the fork into your mouth. Brings back childhood memories.

How do you like your mac and cheese? Do you prefer it to be with extra cheese? Seasoned? Creamy? A mix of cheeses? There's so many ways to make this one classic comfort food. You'll never get bored with just one.


Anonymous said...

I like mine extra creamy, so I do not bake it. I also use evaporated milk and one oddball ingredient - an egg! I will post my mac and cheese recipe later this month on my blog and FoodBuzz if you are interested. Nice Blog!!

Jenn said...

Ya, I'd totally be interested. I'm always looking for ways to change up certain dishes. Look forward to seeing the pic and recipe. =)

Anonymous said...

I definitely liked mine baked so that you get those great crusty brown edges (my fave part!). I like mine cheesy, but not so rich that you feel ill after two forkfuls.

Anonymous said...

Oh yum - yours looks so good I'll take it just like that please. Actually I love it with brocolli and Montebeillard sausage too. Wow you've got a lot of great food here. Good job!

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