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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Production Eats No. 35

So today's Production Eats comes courtesy from working a commercial. It was a pretty fun small shoot and a little more relaxing.  I was 1 of 2 background performers chosen for the spot. Not bad, I think. I gotta do more commercials. :) The only downside was driving home during rush hour. Ha.

Potatoes, sauteed carrots, a wheat dinner roll with butter, freshly grilled chicken, some spaghetti, a little salad with some sesame dressing and a few slices of pineapple.

There was also some seared tuna and freshly grilled steaks. I was tempted to grab a piece, but the chicken was already pretty big and I didn't want to push it. One of the neat things about working on small shoots is that catering is always a little better than working the larger shoots.

For dessert, a square piece of cheese cake and a chocolate chip cookie!!! Yum yum!! Delicious cookie.

You know it's a good day when the craft service guy lets you take home the left over gummy bears in a cup. A nice little snack as I drove home in traffic during rush hour on the 405 north, 101 south, 134 east freeways. Those in LA know what I'm talking about. :) Good ol' LA freeway system.


♥peachkins♥ said...

I just love the food where you work..

The Peach Kitchen
peach and things
blowing peachkisses

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

You know I always love seeing your production eats! :-)

Haven't had gummy bears in forever. Glad they made the drive a bit better! :-)

CDC said...

Love the food they give you! And gummy bears are perfect for driving = no mess!

AllThingsYummy said...

I sat on the 405 trying to get on the 101 last night for 45 minutes!!! Yes, I know LA. Gotta love it.

lisaiscooking said...

I can never resist gummy bears! And, cheesecake and a chocolate chip cookie would have made my day.

theUngourmet said...

Everything looks terrific. Seared Ahi too. Yummo!

You can't beat a nice cup of gummy bears either. :D

sophia said...

Everyone should keep gummi bears in their cars when driving in LA! It'll help tame my road rage, that's for sure. Thank god (or not) that I don't have a car here, though.

When are you free to meet up? I'm staying in LA for winter break!

Ameena said...

I'm heading out on the 405 N in a bit and I am seriously terrified of how the traffic is going to be. I think I spend more time on that freeway than in my own house.

Reeni said...

That little cheesecake is so cute! And the food looks yummy! The L.A. freeways are quite famous - I hear how awful they are all the time!

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