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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Production Eats No. 37

Wednesday and Thursday of last week, I worked the show Make It or Break it. There was a lot of people and let's just say it made for an interesting day especially with the really long hours on both days.

Day 1

Mixed veggies, turkey, salad, rice.

The turkey was tender. Though, I was a bit hungry after that plate. I didn't get much to begin with especially with a large group of us on that day. So I was left to nibble on the cookie I had gotten earlier in the day. It was tasty, though. They did serve up some hotdogs later. 

On this was my friend. I think this was cup number 2. 

Day 2

Sauteed veggies, penne pasta in white sauce with mushrooms and chicken, an oatmeal cookie, and some caesar salad. Coffee was my friend on this day, too. I won't mention how many I had considering the fact that I'm not much of a coffee drinker to begin with. 

They had some tamales during break later that night. Beef, chicken and cheese. I went for the cheese. It was pretty good. I haven't had tamales in such a long time and It made me crave for the ones a former co-worker's mo would make for the office I used to work in. And coffee was my companion as well on this day. I guess my mind was set on holiday break hence my lack of energy on set. Haha...
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