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Monday, March 21, 2011

Production Eats No. 41

This past week I worked on the show The Middle once again. It was a sort of long day being outside the whole time getting burnt by the bright sun. Portion of my arms, legs and face managed to get a bit of a tan. I guess I'm partially ready for summer. Ha! Now on to the lunch. The catering on the show is pretty tasty the previous time I was there. It was no surprise that it was tasty once again this time.

Top left clockwise: Pineapple slices, dinner roll, some veggies, Salad with mushrooms, fettucini with white sauce, grilled salmon.

I really liked the salmon. The crust had a nice crisp to it that I put into my little dinner roll to make a sandwich. The salad portion was some cesaer, I absent-mindedly topped it with a ladle of some vinaigrette. There was also a beef and chicken selection for those who wanted. 

Dessert consisted of a fresh chocolate chip cookie and a nice chunky brownie. There was some rice crispy treats and some nice fresh warm peach cobbler. As tempting as it was, I had to restrain myself from over stuffing my already full stomach. 


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Everything looks yummy! Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine before all the rain... :)

peachkins said...

salad with mushrooms looks interesting..

Nutmeg Nanny said...

They feed you so well!

Kim said...

Great dish for family on the go! So simple yet nutritiuos. Great for home-cooking too.

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