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Friday, April 22, 2011

More Dip Creations

So I tried out the other two Tostito's Dip Creations Flavors. These two are basically use sour cream as its base. Which is simple and easy. I had one 16 oz tub of sour cream, so I made a half batch of the two. These would be perfect for parties for those veggie platters. Or if you're like me have them as an NBA playoff snack with tortilla chips and a drink by the couch.

I'd have to say that these are pretty good. Even better than the ready made kind. I figured it's a good way to make it like it's semi-homemade, which it is.  Impress your guests with that. :)


They may look similar in color, but the taste is completely different. The ranch actually tastes like ranch. No hint of the sour cream. And the onion tastes like onion.

I'd have to say the guacamole would be my first choice, followed by onion, then ranch.  of course, if you've been reading B+B long enough you'd know I'd be a little biased towards the avocado and its many incarnations in dishes, particularly dips.


Ameena said...

Sandra Lee would be so proud Jenn! Semi-homemade is often better than totally homemade, and these look delicious!

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