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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Production Eats. No 46

Well...In this edition of production eats, I'd have to say that this one is probably one of the best I've eaten in quite a while. This day I played a court clerk. So it was a long day of sitting, a few wardrobe changes, waiting and sitting some more, pretending to do desk work while the "court is in session". Oh... just the usual.

Top clockwise: glazed apples and carrots, slice of wheat bread, some string beans, crab salad, grilled asparagus with come shredded cheese on top, wild rice.

I loved the glazed carrots and apples. For some reason it reminded me of apple pie without the crust. Crab salad was tasty too, which I had spread into my piece of soft wheat bread.

A sugar cookie and a chocolate chip cookie, salad and some blueberry and chocolate bread pudding.

I saved the cookies to much on in the afternoon. Bread pudding was awesome. Maybe because it had bits of chocolate in it (?). 

Later that night...a second meal was offered. Usually if it's a long day, we're served more food. But most of the sets I've been on usually some kind of soup or pizza for us background folk. I do remember seeing some tortilla soup that night, if I remember correctly. But when an opportunity for something better comes along, you jump at the chance right?

Fishlips Sushi truck

Sushi!!! Maybe is was a Friday, I don't know and cared, but I wasn't going to let this pass me by. A lot of the time the good stuff is reserved for cast and crew. It's cool to be able to eat what they ate. I heard murmurs of the sushi truck being on the lot, but I was shooting several shots when everyone else took their turns. I patiently wait and eagerly make my way towards the truck.

I order the crunch roll, which is the 4 pieces California rolls with tempura crumbs, 1 tuna, 1 salmon, 2 shrimp, 1 mackrel (?) and some ginger and wasabe.

Oh that drink at the top is a lended mocha. There was a little coffee station by the stage with a guy whipping up lattes, cappucinos, iced or blended coffees. Maybe I was a little too excited about the sushi. I blame it on the caffeine, but it was a good "pick me up" for a long day.


Sophia Lee said...

I've been such a bad blogger friend...sorry I haven't been by as much!! Sounds like you're still so busy. And hey, Fishlips! I've seen that truck around but never got to try it.

We need to hang out again sometime! Hit me up!

Dorris said...

This can't truly have success, I feel this way.

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