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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hey B + B readers...check out my new little photography site. It's my latest endeavor into the creative world. I've pretty much been an amateur photographer for many years and more recently it's becoming more of a side job. :) As some of you who have been an avid follower of this here little blog of mine, may know that I love to do photography as well as film. You can see a tiny sampling of the photos I've taken in the little slideshow below. Portraits, events, animals, etc... Some of them you may have seen some, especially the food photos, and a ton more are never before shown to the public with various being recent. I've got tons more in my portfolio on my website, too: Jennifer Razon Photography

Take a look around view the different categories in the portfolio. Become a fan on the FaceBook page as well. (Pretty please with sugar on top.) I'll be posting some new photos on there soon and every-so-often as well from various photos shoots I'll be doing. Please stop by and check it out. Tomorrow, I've got a fun recipe to share with you all. It's a classic as well. Gasp! Yes...a recipe!!!! So come back tomorrow, too, eh?

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Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Beautiful photographs! I like your FB page! :)

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