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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Fun Food Facts of the Day

It's a while since I've done the regular version of fun food facts. It's been a slightly hectic few days on my end with projects and relatives visiting. Time seemed to be non existent and I've been hankering to cook something up. Hopefully now things will settle down just a little bit. But for today, I'll indulge you with some facts. Since you've already been bombarded by all the food porn on the interweb. hehehe... Anyway... Here's you go. Enjoy!!

One -
The flavor of bubble gum comes from the fusion of vanilla, wintergreen and “cassia,” a form of cinnamon.

Two -
The smaller the size of a berry, the sweeter its taste.
Three -
Iceberg lettuce is 90 percent water, and therefore, of negligible nutrient value.
Four -
Diet soda has not been proven to aid in weight loss. In fact, it’s been shown to actually increase hunger.
Five -
 Each American eats an average of 51 pounds of chocolate per year.

Six -
Goulash, a beef soup, originated in Hungary in the 9th century AD.

Seven -
In an authentic Chinese meal, the last course is soup because it allows the roast duck entree to "swim" toward digestion.

Eight -
 Eating about 20 tart cherries a day could reduce inflammatory pain and headache pain.

Nine -
Today, in Michigan, there are almost 4 million cherry trees which annually produce 150 to 200 pounds of tart cherries.

Ten -
It takes 24 to 26 hours for a hen to produce an egg; there is 30 minutes between each egg-producing cycle.



Jamie said...

Love these facts! Especially about the cherries. More reason to eat more of them! And Diet Sodas actually are so full of salt it makes you crave more and eat more. Very cool about Chinese soup!

Ameena said...

These are really great food facts...I do believe that I eat more than 51 pounds of chocolate each year!!

And I know that iceberg has zero nutritional value but I just can't stop eating those salad wedges you get at steakhouses. So delicious!

Patty said...

I always enjoy your fun food facts!

Anonymous said...

LOL on number 4! I am a total diet coke addict.

Phyllis said...

Cool facts. How interesting about the flavor of bubble gum!

Diana said...

Interesting about the berries - I typically pick out the biggest ones to eat first!

lisaiscooking said...

Did you do this on purpose to make me want some fresh cherries? Can't wait for the season to start.

theUngourmet said...

Thanks for the fun facts! I didn't know this about the bubble gum flavor. Cool!

teresa said...

i love your food facts!

CDC said...

thanks for the interesting facts!

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