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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zono Sushi

I'm still craving soup. There's no deny the fact that rainy and cold weather stirs up the soup cravings. On this dreary cold day, my mom and I ventured into our Sunday lunch thinking soup once again. No, the lobster bisque from the previous day wasn't enough. We head to Zono Sushi. I had written about this place before a while back (here). It was quiet with few customers. I guess it would also be the fact it's kind of hidden away at the courtyard of the Glendale Exchange.

I remember coming here every Sunday after mass when I was younger and ordering their bento lunch. The place looked really different then what it looks like in the picture above. We seat ourselves in an open booth. Out waitress hands us out menus, which also has a new design. She brings out a small bowl of fresh edemame and miso soup. Yum!

We finally make out order.

I order the Sushi Combo 1, which is 5 sushi pieces (tuna nigiri, shrimp nigiri, salmon nigiri, and 2 mackrel nigiri, topped with fried onion shavings.  I ate them all up along with the pickled ginger the usually accompanies any sushi. Have I mentioned that I love sushi?

The combo also included a piping hot bowl of udon noodle soup. Served in a cast-iron bowl with a square piece of wood under to keep the pot from burning the table.  Look at those noodle deliciousness. There were a few slices of egg, bamboo and heads of shiitake mushroom in the broth as well. I love the way it's served. I need to find me some cast-iron bowl/pots like those. I ate this all up as well.

Aren't soup days great?

Zono Sushi (Glendale)

139 N Maryland Ave
GlendaleCA 91206
(818) 507-4819


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