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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Open-Faced Roasted Green Bean Sammie

Not much of a story to tell on this one. I was just hungry. That's about it. A simple meal for a semi-hectic day. Another variation on the green bean and tomato combination. A yummy open-faced sammie with a hot avocado spread and melted manchego cheese.

The avocado spread has just a nice little kick to it from the hot sauce that it adds to the sandwich. Sooo delish! You can cut up the green beans, if you don't want to have to bite into them while eating.

Open-Faced Roasted Green Bean Sammie

1/2 lb Green Beans (washed with ends removed)
2 Medium Tomatoes (quartered and deseeded)
4 Slices of your bread of choice
Cheese (slices or grated. I used manchego)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Dry Basil
1 Tbsp Dry Parsley
Salt & Pepper to season

Preheat oven to 450˚F

In a large bowl, toss the green beans and tomato with a nice long drizzle oof olive out coating each piece. Add in basil and parsley. Toss to combine. Season with some salt and pepper. Toss again.

Place on an ungreased baking sheet and bake to 20-25min. Half way give the green beans a little stir to let it roast evenly.

Hot Avocado Spread:
1-2 Tbsp Hot Sauce
1 large avocado (mashed and pitted)
1 Tbsp Dry or fresh chopped Basil
1 Tbsp Dry or fresh chopped Parsley
Juice of 1 lemon

Combine all ingredients together into a mash. You may add more or put in less hot sauce to fit your preference.

Putting it together: Preheat the broiler. Take a slice of bread (toasted or untoasted) and spread on a nice helping of the hot avocado spread followed by some of the roasted green beans and tomato. Top with some cheese. Place the sammie in the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese is nice and melted.


lisaiscooking said...

Fresh green beans are so good right now, and they're great with tomatoes. I brought home green beans last night and just wanted them as simple as possible with tomatoes. Your sandwich looks great.

zerrin said...

Avocado and green beans together sound great! This is the second tasty recipe of green beans I've learnt from you. I'll try both of them for sure. And today I tried your recipe of Baked Zucchini sticks to accompany roasted lamb chops. I made some changes on it. Check it out!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

I would never have thought of making a sandwich like that, but I love green beans and the avacado spread sounds amazing too!

Thanks for the great idea!

Diana said...

Totally loving this! Green beans on a sandwich? Yes, please!

Hope the writing is going well!

Zee said...

wow Jenn! love your creations! this one is a healthy snack!

Debi said...

Missed lunch today and this is looking really good!

tavolini said...

YUM. That looks pretty perfect, and sounds like it fits my time schedule ;)

Jenn said...

lisaiscooking: Thanks.

Zerrin: Nice! I'll definitely check it out.

Jenn: I like to experiment!

Diana: Who knew right? Writing is going very well. I'm working on the second draft right now.

Zee: Healthy and delish!

Debi: go eat! LOL. and why not a a green bean sammie? =)

TavoLini: Nice!

Jen @ said...

What a delicious sandwich. The avocado spread sounds wonderful! Great idea to make a sandwich with green beans!

s. stockwell said...

oh how yummy! we want one but we are too exhausted to get up! just finished a class...but later, yes! we will make one. best, s

Sweta (My Indian Dietitian) said...

You always seem to come out with some unusual stuff-love your creativity!!

Christo Gonzales said...

you could have only said 'manchego' and I would have been putty...great creative quick lunch.

Jenn said...

Jen: thanks.

s. stockwell: When you well-rested have yourself a nice green bean sammie.

Sweta: Thanks!

Doggy: I have a new found love for manchego!

Bob said...

I could go for one of those right now. I'm looking at no dinner tonight and you're killing me! Heh.

Jenn said...

Bob: LoL.

Julie Jams said...

I have to try this one. Well done.

chow and chatter said...

i love it and the avocado spread is a great idea, will try that and add to paninis !

Dewi said...

Love vegetarian sandwich like this, I especially love the avocado spread. Yumm! THis will will be love by my husband.

The Duo Dishes said...

That avocado spread sounds bomb. Just imagine what else you could do with that!

Anonymous said...

simple? OH NO! never! there are layers and layers of great flavors in there! LOVE it!

teresa said...

Oh my gosh, how do you do it? This looks like such a perfect combination, and I've actually never tried manchego cheese, so now's my chance!

Jenn said...

Julie Jams: Thanks.

Chow and Chatter: The spread is really good!

Elra: Enjoy making it.

Duo Dishes: I'm already imagine it.

burpandslurp: But it is. =)

Teresa: Manchego is sooooo good!!

Reeni said...

This looks like so tasty - and like something you could order in a little sidewalk cafe. The hot avocado spread sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

The hot avocado spread sounds excellent and the sandwich looks yummy!

EricRiveraCooks said...

I would love to try that sammie in a BBQ! I might have to try it this weekend for sure.


Jenn said...

Reeni: It does sound like a little avocado sandwich.

5 Star Foodie: It really good.

Eric: Go for it! Welcome back, btw!

Dana Fallentine said...

This recipe looks very appetizing... healthy and delicious! What a fabulous combination!

Unknown said...

Great sandwich idea!
I have left an award for you on my website called “One Lovely Blog Award” Its for cool and recently discovered websites. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jenn said...

Dana: Thanks!

Heavenly Housewife: Wow, thank you very much!! I appreciate it!

Unknown said...

This is a great idea! Sometimes the best ones come out of just wanting something quick & yummy to eat.

Jessie said...

I'm at loss for words because I'm totally admiring the photo and loving everything on that plate. Very creative and simple great job :)

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful creative way to incorporate green beans - pure genius!

vanillasugarblog said...

OMG! it worked, Jenn I'm here! yaya!
I was so excited to finally get into your blog that I did not read the full post! LOLOLOL!
that was weird huh?
well, in case I can't get back in, have a good long weekend momma!

Lo said...

Great idea! We do a similar sammich with asparagus... so good! Can't wait for that first batch of garden fresh beans so that we can try this out.

Jenn said...

ValleyWriter: Yup, they definitely do.

Jessie, oysterculture: Thanks!

Dawn: LOL. WOOHOO!!!!

Lo: Neat. I love it when they're fresh.

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