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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BSI: Winner Prize

Oy vey!! I totally feel awful. I really do. I'm new to this whole challenge stuff and I left out the real prize for the BSI (Blogger Secret Ingredient) winner. I'm terribly sorry. So I am making amends for my mistake. Along with me remaking the winning recipe, the winner (Parita of Parita's World) will be receiving these really cool items.

The one the right are lovely crochet coasters and glass cup covers handmade from the Philippines as well as a neat sushi bamboo mat. I have one myself and it's really neat.

So Parita, please email your address and I'll get these to you. Anyway...head on over to The Ungourmet for this week's ingredient. Again, I apologize. I feel really awful for leaving out the real prize.

1 comment:

Parita said...

Hey jenn, its perfectly alright :) Thank you for such wonderful prize..this is the first time ever for me and soooo special..thank you once again dear

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