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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Production Eats - No. 18

It's been a while since I've done a production eats post. I  haven't been able to work on shows as much in the last few week. Luckily, I worked on two shows this week amidst another project I'm working on. I'm glad about that.

First up, Bones. On this day we filmed on the Fox Studios lot, so I was left to get my lunch from the Fox News Cafe which was close to where we were filming. I liked the food there before, so why not go there again.

I order from the pizza area. A veggie pizza.  It originally comes as a whole "personal" pizza, but a whole one was way too big for me. At first look I was a bit sad as I wouldn't be able to get it. Luckily, the guy behind the counter, slightly took pity and gave me half. Woot! Hooray for puppy dog eyes. It was good. Bell pepper and red onion. The crust wasn't greasy at all. It had a slightly char to it, which I like.

I had it with a side of Caesar Salad with Shrimp. Added a couple slices of cucumber. some fresh corn and edamame.

Next, I worked on Flash Forward. A couple days before, I had gotten a new phone (BB). So I was excited to try it out. The last phone I had didn't have a camera. (yeah...I know, it was my fault for getting the business edition) I knew that my upgrade must have a camera. It would save me from lugging out my point and shoot whenever a given moment arises. I have had many instances where i really needed a camera and didn't have one. Plus, it would be useful for these production eats. Having people stare at me for taking pics of my food was amusing. The expressions on their faces are priceless.  Though, I didn't mind it to begin with. All the better to spread the word about B + B. But it's a bit more handy as I have my phone on me at most/all times. Rather than having to run back to my stuff.

Anyway, this was a night shoot. I was at the location from about 3pm to a little over 3am. I would have stayed a little longer, but my body was telling to volunteer to go home. I didn't want to push it. Besides, I had a meeting to get to a few hours later.

From top clockwise: Veggie lasagna, dinner roll, boiled broccoli (There were some carrot slices in there, too), rice with some black beans.

It was near 10pm by the time lunch break came around. I didn't want to eat too much, even though I was starving by then, There was also BBQ ribs and chicken and scalloped potatoes. I think there was some other pasta dish there, too. I didn't have a good look as there was quite a lot of us, so we had to move quite through the line.  I was worried that they might run out of certain items, but luckily the catering people had just replenished the food just as it was my turn to get my share.  The lasagna was a little reminiscent of pot pie in a way. It was tasty. I sort of wanted to go back for seconds.

With the main plate, i had a side salad with some fresh mushrooms and a slice of cantaloupe and for dessert a nice piece of cinnamon crumb cake. The crumb part was really thick and firm like a cookie and the cake part was slightly moist and chewy. A nice contrast between the two.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, just stopping by to wish you a wonderful easter weekend daaaaaahling.
Great selection of food today. I wonder if movie starts actually eat though.
*kisses* HH

vanillasugarblog said...

i want to see the post where you tell us how you stay so thin! do you walk 5 miles a day or what?

Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves said...

I think it's pretty neat to see what your food options were on set. Then again maybe that's the PA in me. Either way, fun post :)

Phyllis said...

Yummy eats! Like how you put edamame on your caesar salad, will have to try that. And you must have a very cute 'sad face' for someone to break the rules so willingly (no one ever does that for me when I bust out the puppy dog eyes!)

Sippity Sup said...

These production posts (and food) remind me of my first early days in show biz! Oh, night shoots... argh. I am way too old for that life now. GREG

CDC said...

quite a variety of food at a set! love the edamame!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Always love to see production eats!

Have a wonderful Easter!

theUngourmet said...

I always enjoy your production eats, Jenn. Looks like some good stuff.

Have a nice Easter! :)

Ameena said...

I have no idea how you guys work such crazy, unpredictable hours. It would totally send me into a tizzy because I thrive on routine.

Your food options look great. I used to see the bills for all this stuff so I'm not surprised! :)

jesse said...

Yay for puppy-dog eyes indeed! The crumb cake looks yummy!

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