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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bento 2

I just thought I had to share this. I was just randomly looking at bento lunches once again. I have my phases of going through food moments and kicks. I guess this time around it's been the bento lunch. As I was randomly looking around the interweb, I came upon this little video that some one had made using various photos they collected of different kinds of bentos. I'm always amazed by the creativity that have done into making them sometimes. As in making your food look like characters. Practice, I guess. The meticulous shapes and patterns. One can only imagine the time and effort put into them. Anyway... don't mind the song. It's the images I want you to see. Fun with food.



Anonymous said...

Some bentos are just works of art. It must take a lot of skill and imagination to create a really good one.

Bob said...

I love the idea of bentos, a lot of them I would almost feel bad eating. Almost. Heh.

chow and chatter said...

looking forward to seeing yours!

Phyllis said...

So cute! I bet there are a lot fewer picky eaters in Japan. Love the ones shaped like Domo :)

Reeni said...

Those are so cute! And like HH said works of art.

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