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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Production Eats - No. 21

This week i worked on the show Hawthorne. It stars Jada Pinkett Smith. I'm not too familiar with the show, but it airs on TNT.  But it also has Michael Vartan aka Vaughn from Alias. For the lunch served it was like Thanksgiving in April. It really was. :)

Top clockwise: Butternut squash, wild rice, carved turkey with cranberry sauce. a little pasta with alfredo sauce, fresh carved honey baked ham, dinner roll.

I put some of the ham and turkey into the bread and made it into a sandwich. There was also, I think, grilled mahi mahi, some sweet potato. mashed potato. I really enjoyed the ham quite a bit. The guy who did the carving gave me a nice portion, too.

Fresh made fruit smoothie for dessert!!!! Sweet!!! For sure I know there's strawberry in there. and maybe another fruit. But it was delicious!!! I haven't been on many sets that made fresh smoothies. That's a plus n my book.


impotenta said...

Great job :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

That's one good plate of food..

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Lele said...

Oh my God I really hope Michael Vartan was nice because I'm kind of in love with him.

sophia said...

Wow, fresh-made smoothies? how cool is that!

Phyllis said...

ooooh...Michael Vartan - HUBBA HUBBA (lol). Yummy production eats!

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